HODIA the Diabetes Ride of Idaho

Event Date
May 21, 2017


Registration will be available on-site starting at 9:30am. See you there!


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The 22nd Annual Diabetes Ride

Welcome to the Diabetes Ride!
The Diabetes Ride is a pledged equestrian trail ride and walk that began in 1995 and has been running annually since that time. We hope you’ll plan to join us every year! The Diabetes Ride benefits Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs (IDYP), a local nonprofit that since 1978 has been providing diabetes camps and programs for children and teens with Type 1 diabetes.

Anyone may participate in this event. We encourage all of our participants to collect pledges for their ride and turn them in on the day of the ride. We often have riders that collect more than $500 in pledges—sometimes as much as several thousand dollars! That money is put to great use and is much appreciated by the staff at IDYP! Read more about IDYP and the Hodia Camp programs at www.hodia.org.

Ride Rules:

How to Play & Win

Register, Raise Pledges and Win Online

  • Register online and use our software to raise pledges online to reach more people. When you register online, you'll have the opportunity to send emails to your family, friends and co-workers to help raise pledges.

Day of the Ride

  • Plan on packing your own CHAIRS for seating to eat and enjoy the awards ceremony.
  • Bring a bucket for dipping your own horse water.
  • Hopefully you've registered online. If not, late registration begins at 9:30 am at ride camp. After you have registered you will receive your safety orientation and ride instructions at the trail head.
  • For safety reasons and to relieve congestions, horses MAY NOT be at the registration area! Please leave your equine and 2 wheeled friends safely tethered to the trailer or car while you do your paperwork!
  • The first group of riders will leave at 10:00 am. Groups of riders will be allowed out of camp on staggered departure times. THIS IS NOT A SPEED OR TIMED EVENT! If you intend to ride you must begin by 12:00 pm and be finished by 2:30 pm to be eligible for raffle prizes.

During the Ride

There are separate trails for horseback riders and walkers. The courses are clearly marked. The checkpoints and water/rest stations are conveniently located. Please observe all posted rules and instructions as outlined in this brochure and included in your registration packet. Racing or unsafe riding will not be tolerated on the course - careless riding will result in you being asked to leave the ride. Again, this is not a timed event!


Event Date - Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Ride Schedule:

9:30 am – noon Registration

10:00 am  First riders on trail (Must complete by 3:30 pm)

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm Entertainment, raffle & silent auction

1:00 pm– 2:30 pm BBQ

 Questions? Contact Cini 208-870-1449 or thediabetesride@hodia.org

Facts about The Diabetes Ride
Some Facts about Diabetes:
Right now 10% of Americans, or 30 million people, have diabetes, including 88,000 in Idaho. More astonishing, however, is that about a third of these people don’t know it. What’s more, the Idaho Statesman reports that the CDC estimates that in the US today more than 2 million young people show signs of “pre-diabetes.” When left uncontrolled, diabetes leads to devastating complications — heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, amputations. But when individuals learn how to self-manage their diabetes and control their blood sugars, they cut their risk for complications in half.

The Diabetes Ride: A volunteer effort:
The Idaho Arabian Breeders Association and Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders joined efforts eighteen years ago to organize The Diabetes Ride.

This unique event is a trail ride in the Eagle foothills attracting 200 – 350 riders every year. Riders can choose between a few trails that are on private property. For raising pledges you get to participate in the trail ride, get a shirt, and a great BBQ hosted by H&M Meats after the ride. Many riders choose to raise pledges rather than pay the entry fee to compete for prizes.

The Beneficiary:
Proceeds from the event benefit Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs. Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that sponsors camps and programs for local children and teens with type 1 diabetes.

Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs' camps are called Camp Hodia. Hodia comes from a combination of the words "idaHO DIAbetes" and is actually 5 separate camps for kids 3-19, and a retreat for young adults 18-30. The caring staff at Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs is dedicated to improving the lives of young people with diabetes. These programs foster self-reliance and demonstrate that people need not be limited by diabetes. Teaching by example, their staff provides mentoring and support to these kids, teens and families regardless of ability to pay in a safe, healthy, and respectful environment. No child has been turned away from Hodia due to their family's inability to pay.

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Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Donations made to IDYP are tax-deductible.
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